22.04 2024

KPMG recognized as a Leader in Cybersecurity Consulting Services in Europe

According to The Forrester Wave: Cybersecurity Consulting Services in Europe, Q1 2024.

We are excited to share that KPMG firms in Europe have been named a Leader in the The Forrester WaveTM: Cybersecurity Consulting Services in Europe, Q1 2024, receiving the highest score in the strategy category, of all the providers evaluated, and the highest score possible in the market presence category.

In addition, KPMG firms received top scores possible across 17 criteria, including:

  • Security and risk culture capabilities
  • Localization of services
  • Community
  • Cybersecurity industry contribution
  • Innovation

The report states, "KPMG has significantly improved its IP offerings and client business alignment." It further acknowledges that "KPMG positions cyber as a crucial component of its client business and technology agenda."

Leading the way in cybersecurity consulting services

We take pride in the dedication shown by KPMG professionals in building a leading cybersecurity practice dedicated to meeting the evolving requirements of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Our forward-looking solutions are tailored to address their emerging challenges effectively. Clients trust KPMG firms to lead them through engagements with expertise and assurance, offering both depth of knowledge and a clear vision for success.

The Forrester report mentions: “The firm differentiates by combining product-led offerings with integrated education and client mentoring, during and post implementation. It has significantly improved the impact of its IP in its “Powered by KPMG” offering, including its cyber risk quantification solution, since our last evaluation in 2021. Reference customers praised KPMG for being transparent when it invests in an engagement at a loss to meet broader client objectives and showing excellent customer centricity in general.”

In addition, the report notes, “The firm aligns its cyber offerings portfolio with client business strategies and regional business trends. Over the past 12 to 18 months, it has significantly enhanced its portfolio with initiatives like its Quantum Risk Assessment and the launch of Cyber Risk Insights. KPMG continues to invest in its “Powered by KPMG” offerings, combining vendor alliance partner technology with its IP and knowledge. The firm’s roadmap focuses on bringing continuous added value by investing in emerging technology, future talent, innovation, and culture.”

Commitment to excellence shining through

KPMG's Cyber Security Services leverage the combined technological expertise, extensive business acumen, and innovative talent within KPMG firms to fortify and bolster stakeholder confidence. Recognizing that cyber risk permeates various facets of operations, including product integrity, customer satisfaction, and regulatory adherence, we perceive cybersecurity as the vital link intertwining business and technology. This approach ensures that organizations can function seamlessly, optimize efficiency, and uphold robust security measures.

The Forrester report concludes KPMG’s profile with, “Organizations that need a proactive partner who knows how security aligns with the business and focuses on enabling their team should turn to KPMG.”

About the report

The Forrester Wave™ is a 32-criterion evaluation of cybersecurity consulting services providers in Europe. The evaluation identifies the most significant providers and shows how each are measuring up and highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers in the market.

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