The KPMG IT audit and advisory team

The KPMG IT audit and IT risk assessment team has more than 25 years of combined experience in the field of information security advisory services and auditing in both the private and public sectors. We hold leading certifications in the industry, including CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, CISM, CISSP, CRISC, etc.

We help clients ensure compliance with standards

The KPGM IT audit and risk advisory team helps map risks in client companies and conduct audits to various standards, including E-ITS, ISO, ISAE, SOC, SWIFT, and CIS. We also offer an advisory service to implement the requirements of all the standards and draw up the necessary documentation.

Careless use of AI is a security risk for companies

As a new phenomenon, artificial intelligence applications, such as ChatGPT, have recently begun to make waves. Their use can pose a great information security risk to companies. At first glance, it looks like you can enter any kind of information into the applications and have the AI do all sorts of things – compose email messages, write code, etc. However, people must take care to ensure that no customer data or business secrets are entered into ChatGPT because this will result in the loss of all control over the security of the data. I recommend against using artificial intelligence applications until their use is clearly regulated by the company's information security policy.

Ivar Anton   

Cyber security expert / IT auditor

Provide a safe and sustainable business environment for your company! We will help you build a resilient and reliable digital world, even in the face of changing threats.

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HR assessment 

HR assessment focuses on mapping the skills and increasing the competencies of the weakest link in cyber security: the users, the employees.

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Threat assessment

Threat assessment is a tactical and technical service that allows a company to get a quick overview of external threats.

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Maturity assessment

Maturity assessment helps plan IT investments and design further steps to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure better security.

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