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IT auditi ja IT riskianalüüsi teenused

Information security advisory services

Specific professional training and practical experience in information security administration and management are necessary to implement an information security programme in the company. Our team can help you with the following services:


E-ITS consulting

ISO 27001 consulting

IT consulting

IT audit and IT risk assessment services

An IT audit gives the company an overview of information technology-related risks. The audit provides the company with an overview of shortcomings with recommendations for improvement. We offer the following IT audit and risk assessment services:

Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA)

E-ITS auditing

ISAE 3000 (SOC2) certification

ISO 27001 certification and auditing

IT risk assessment

SWIFT CSCF assessment

Planning and consulting

Technical testing

Check out our cyber training

Laying a technological foundation and training employees is one of the easiest ways to ensure your company's long-term competitive advantage and future-proof nature.

It is best to learn from practitioners and experts who daily resolve challenges their clients face.

KPMG Cyber conducts various training sessions that are related to our cyber security services. Under the guidance of our top-level experts, you will gain strong knowledge of cyber security, programming, secure development, etc. We offer training courses open to everyone as well as tailor-made courses for specific companies.

Provide a safe and sustainable business environment for your company! We will help you build a resilient and reliable digital world, even in the face of changing threats.

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HR assessment 

HR assessment focuses on mapping the skills and increasing the competencies of the weakest link in cyber security: the users, the employees.

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Threat assessment

Threat assessment is a tactical and technical service that allows a company to get a quick overview of external threats.

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Maturity assessment

Maturity assessment helps plan IT investments and design further steps to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure better security.

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